December 21st, 2012 Controversy

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Hi, I’m Alejandro Torres Marco, certified LifeSuccess Consultant.
Today I want to talk to you about a controversial topic: December 21st, 2012.

You have probably heard that something will happen at the end of the year 2012. There was even a movie about this subject. Some authors say that for one reason or another our planet, The Earth, will suffer a number of catastrophic disasters never seen before, and that everything that´s happening now around the world such as earthquakes, tsunamis and flods, are only a small-scale sample of what is to be expected. The reasons that are commonly mentioned as the probable causes for this catastrofic events are, among the most discussed ones:

  • A huge planet/star return, that orbits around our sun every 2500 years, better known as “Planet X”
  • A change on the Earth’s core rotation.
  • A sudden change on the magnetic pole.

2012 is considered by many as something sinister, there are theories that assure that the end of the world will take place in this year. On the other hand, some authors affirm that 2012 is the time when our evolution as human species will take an important quantum leap change, provoked by strong solar emissions that will freely penetrate into the Earth´s atmosphere, due to the eventual weakening of our planet’s magnetic shield, causing our genetic DNA mutation.

Did the Mayas warned us? Perhaps 2012 is no more than a year that marks a cycle, the ending and / or the beginning of something important on the planet Earth, a year in which the human race will be forced to speculate about the uncertainty, which has been caused by our own selves.

What is that which brings a species to evolve throughout its history? How is that we have come to have the evolution level we are at now? The process of human evolution has taken millions of years, beginning with our first ancestor known as the Australopithecus and arriving to the until now known Homo Sapiens.

Well, my opinion is based precisely on this evolution trend of the human species, caused by a DNA transforming event. Maybe, this December 2012 date is the time when a new non-registered event will take place, causing people with an important spiritual awareness to evolve into a considerably higher being creating a new superior race, leaving the non-spiritually evolved ones remaining within the state at which we are right now as humanity, probably extinguishing themselves later on. Yes, the catalist in my opinion will be spirituallity.

The fact is that most authors believe that something, without a doubt, will happen. If something happens, what do you think will be?
So, apparently there will be some natural changes in our planet. This has happened before with enough evidence and will certainly happen again.

Therefore, there’s a very good chance that changes will start happening. Is it coincidental that ancient important cultures like the Mayas, and some prophecies like the ones from Nostradamus, agree on an important change for the world in that particular date? This is why it is so important to understand who we are, and how can we continue to develop our intellectual, physical, and spiritual levels, in order to continue with our evolution as a species, that by universal laws correspond to us, towards a better life level, for those that desires it, and that have been working and continuously preparing for, by means of their personal development growth.


What do you think about this? What are you doing day after day to prepare yourself whether or not a significant change in December 21st 2012 occurs, to be a better person and therefore an example for the future evolving generations to come?.
I appreciate your attention and comments.
Thank you!


19 respuestas a “December 21st, 2012 Controversy

  1. I guess I will have my kids open up their Christmas presents early that year…at least a week…that way they will get to enjoy them for at least a week…;-)


  2. I thought this blog to be thought provoking. I have not heard about the 2012 being a year of some transitional change. I do like your theory that perhaps a more evolved and spiritual human being will be the result in order to try and thwart any disaster. Perhaps war will be avoided or a new realm of understanding and peace be brought this world.
    All thought provoking information and I know that I would like to believe that 2012 will be better off than not. Thank you for this blog.

  3. Thanks for giving perspective to the whole 2012 scenario. Your insights leave me with nothing to argue, and heightened awareness.
    I appreciate that you cast light on this subject, and brought some order to how to approach it.

  4. Dear Alejandro,,You have given me much food for thought. i have heard of these things over the last year and you have put it in a great perspective for me. I choose to become more aware of me as a spiritual being in a physical body. Thank you, guy,,,,,,

  5. Alejandro, I’ve watched documentaries on everything you’ve mentioned. Two possible events do concern me: the changing of earth’s polarity and the possibility of super power sun spots that can knock out our communications grid. That could sure mess things up.

    Then, there is the push for a one world government with one currency. That greatly concerns me.

  6. Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, has warned that out of control nanobots could consume everything on earth. Nothing yet!

    Paul Ehrlich in 1968 wrote «The Population Bomb» when he predicted that global famine was less than two decades away. Never happened.

    We are genetically wired for fear so it will continue on and we will continuously need to take our shoes off to go through security. Common sense has nothing to do with it!

  7. I have heard alot about 2012. Rather than be in fear, I chose to live each day to the fullest and elevate my consciousness so that if there is a spiritual shift, I will be prepared.

  8. What a great blog, I have heard many of those theories and like you feel it has something to do with a spiritual shift. It is interesting to see the many and varied comments on the blog. That is what a good blog is all about provoking thought! Well done!

  9. Fascinating. Leading up to 2000 there was concern of a crisis, computers would shut down, the electric power grid would be shut down, etc. I had a conversation with George W. Bush about it. The problem is that doomsdays have come in history. i.e. the great plaque which wiped out 50% of Europe in a few short years.

  10. Alejandro, you are a true master. I love your thoughts and the way you look at life. I learn from you often and agree with your views on this issue. I do strongly believe as well that humanity is simply about to take a huge leap in advancing spiritually and in every other way. Thank you for caring enough to share these words.


  11. Very interesting and thought provoking. Personally, I don’t think anything extra-ordinary is going to happen and if it is going to happen, I am not going to worry about it. I heard a story from Bob Proctor, he was watching Michael J Fox on TV and when they asked him if he was worried about his health challenge, he said, «No, If I worry about it, then I have to go through it twice»

    I thought that was really cool.


  12. Great post, Alejandro!

    We will only know when the date comes!

    I was in Tuscon right after the Tuscon shootings and the desire to be a better person filled me. Knowing that the only thing I have any control over is my own life and my personal expression of life gives me comfort. Being the most compassionate and loving person I can be while sharing my message and my gifts, is the only way I can make a difference in the world. I believe it is all spiritual. Life is spiritual so is our expression of it, no matter how we label it. So for me, I recommit to my personal growth daily and my growth comes from serving others.

    Thank you for your compassionate service!
    Much Love and Success,

  13. Alejandro! This is indeed thought provoking…
    I agree with Lanny’s comment — I’m not sure about something BIG happening in 2012; but then again, who is? I am committed to living my best every day, enjoying God’s blessings. IF something out of the «ordinary» happens, we’ll find out at that time.

    I am growing daily and raising my awareness. I am so grateful to know you, Alejandro. Thanks for sharing such knowledge. You are amazing!

  14. It is good some people today have a clear mind and thinking. Alejandro thank you so much for bringing the subject and giving some clarity in people’s life. We all should consider what can we do today to improve this world and rely on people like you.

  15. Hi Alejandro,

    I have never been afraid of death but I have six year old twins and I’d like to live another twenty years, or more, for them!

    A few years ago my life wasn’t going well, I was a single working mother, in debt. The house was in a mess, I was constantly exhausted and there were never enough hours in the day! At that time I often thought about death, I prayed that I wouldn’t die because I didn’t want to go out a loser! I am now turning things around so I don’t think so much about death!

    I don’t believe that the world will come to an end in 2012 but just incase there is some truth in the theories I think that we should all start living each day as though it’s our last!

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